Please Stop

I’m not entirely sure what this post was supposed to be. I’m sure I planned on making a list of some sort of things that I wanted people to stop doing. Simple things like spelling hashtags wrong, flying through red lights, driving through stop signs without stopping. Simple things. However, the time has come to finish writing this and honestly, I don’t have much to say about that.

The drops I anticipated having ready by the end of the month aren’t ready. But in the interest of remaining consistent, it is important that I share a true-life Tuesday post today.

A stream of consciousness for you:

I’m writing this blog post from my mechanical keyboard which is so very fun to type on. It lights up, it’s really pretty. I’m currently recording a video of me typing on my light up keyboard. It’s a way to make ‘zero effort content’. I’m not going to include that line in whatever this blog post will be BUT I know for sure. That I’m going to use this video full of flashing lights for something an Instagram reel or a tiktok video.

My new drops, as previously mentioned, aren’t entirely ready yet. I haven’t quite carved out the time to really get those things going but it is time to get my business affairs in order.

Things I anticipate adding to the shop, per last week’s Tchotchkes post:

Stickers (cause I love stickers)

Key chains (cause I love key chains)

Mugs (cause I love mugs)

And Possibly 3” buttons. I have a button maker here that gets ZERO traction. So it’s time to whip that out too.

The blog post draft that I’m writing this from says ‘Bedtime Crafting returns in May. Hammer down those dates.” I had lofty goals when I began this three weeks ago.

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, please stop blocking yourself from just creating and relax.

You Deserve It.



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  1. Naomi

    So proud of you for staying consistent.

    1. Lina

      Thank you. I be trying.

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