My 35th Birthday passed, and I was flooded with love. I appreciate this, tremendously. I miss crafting, making, chatting and engaging with everyone. However, my life as of late has been a bit, unhinged.
In preparing for this post, I did a dictionary deep dive on the word hinge, the phrase ‘off the hinges’ and those definitions weren’t quite what I was looking for. Searching for ‘unhinged’, I hit the jackpot:
Unhinge – verb.
• To make unstable: unsettle, disrupt.
My youngest child seeks to unhinge the balance of world peace.
• To remove from the hinges
My oldest is determined to unhinge the door of her Bluey Travel Van
Those examples were not in the oxford dictionary, but they felt appropriate to use in this setting.

My husband is cool. I’m sure he’ll get his own true life Tuesday post soon because these ARE HIS CHILDREN after all. I’m sure this nonsense that they get into comes directly from him. Not his family tree. I love those people. Nor mine because I’m perfect. DUH.

I’ve been having a bit of a hard time committing to being creative/making/lettering because I’ve been parenting, working, wife-ing, and life-ing. Balancing that has been a challenge. But I’ve made the commitment to spend more time doing exactly those things that have gotten away from me.
Creating, making, lettering, tinkering, returning to ‘in theory crafting’ because those things in addition to my unhinged family, are also things that bring me life and sustain me outside of all my roles. I look forward to getting back to into them and also, you know being a business too.

Would you carry an unhinged key chain? Use an unhinged sticker on your water bottle or favorite sticker surface? or would you rather an unhinged mug?

Check out my instagram. I made a video with the word unhinged.

I think I like the mug. but honestly, key chains, stickers and mugs are all things I love. I’ll do another unhinged dive on tchotchkes another day.

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, embrace the chaos of your life and relax.

You Deserve It,



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  1. Naomi

    Thanks for sharing your life. It’s a real challenge being all the things to all the people. You’re doing great, Sis. 💜

    1. Lina

      one thing I love is a compliment! Thank you so much! I’ll be sharing a bit more. This is the easiest creativity I’ve got.

  2. Bernice

    I’d love all 3! Life with little ones and a hubby I’m sure is more than overwhelming at times. I didn’t start my crafting journey till my brat was 16/17. Before that it was museums, dance, cheerleading, sleep overs and party drop offs. Finding time to create is tricky. I hope you can come back soon. I miss you since of humor.

    1. Lina

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. I didn’t realize how much things would change after I had the youngest. It’s definitely been an adjustment. I do have a very busy mothering schedule. I’ve struggled with creating time but I’m more intentional about it in the last two weeks. I’M RECLAIMING MY TIME! I miss your creativity and kindness too.
      And all 3 are coming to the shop by the end of the month 🙂

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