I just be making stuff: Sodastream Earrings

Chicago’s Crafty Callligrapher Mama” means just that.

Where I’m from: Chicago

What I do: Crafts & Calligraphy

(Part of) Who I am: A mama.

So what I can say is that while I’m posting less ‘lettering’ content. I’ve still managed to say true to my tagline.

My most recent adventure into “I just be making stuff” was to repair my SodaStream. It was a production. I had to disassemble the whole thing to figure out where the break was. Silly me thought it would be something simple like slipping a tube back into a hole, maybe something was off center somehow because instead of the CO2 coming out of the carbonation tube it was just spraying everywhere. Y’ALL. I just knew I could fix it.

It was a 5 hour endeavor that, disappointingly, couldn’t be fixed.

My husband and dad were along for the ride cause I didn’t want to have to purchase a new sodastream.

I walked away from the experience having with the following takeaways:

  1. I’m capable of a lot of things. I impressed myself (and my dad) that I was able to 3d print apart to try to repair this machine.
  2. I was wild disappointed we couldn’t get it fixed but had I fixed it, it would have been a real flex.
  3. I made the piece that SHOULD have fixed the machine into a pair of earrings cause why not.

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, just make something and relax.

You deserve it.



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