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By the time I published last week’s blog post, my week had become progressively unhinged. Since that post, I became quite frustrated with the process of posting last week’s reel. It took me an hour to upload a 7 second video, find a sound, create the caption and THEN to have to do all of this while upset is trash. welp true life tuesday

I’ll be taking a break from videos. If it is not something I can easily capture in a video format, it’s a wrap. I would love to return to #BedtimeCrafting but I don’t know if I can commit to that weekly. I’ll look at my life for May and have an update on that come the last blog post of this month. *puts on to do list*

Anyhow, my family has been embarking on the wonderful journey of bedtime stories. Rereading the stories that my oldest loved with my youngest is really a delight. Last week we read ‘Please Baby Please’ by Spike & Tonya Lewis Lee which is really a top tier children’s book. The illustrations are beautiful, the story has a wonderful pacing and it’s really a walk through a toddler’s full day which is something I, admittedly, never paid close attention to. My oldest, on the other hand, was paying great attention to detail when she asks me ‘mommy, what do the clocks mean?’

I’m calm on the outside, as we are winding down for bed. But internally I’m screaming like Soulja Boy:


Y’all. I flipped back through the book and there were indeed lots of clocks throughout that gave us an idea of what time it was as baby, and her family moved through the day.

This book published in 2007. I have younger siblings and I’m sure I’ve bought this book for people, and I’ve never once paid attention to these clocks. It’s amazing the wonderment of children. Welp is typically for conveying disappointment or resignation. In that moment, I was neither disappointed nor resigned. I was wonderfully surprised by the observations of children. They are able to catch the things we may not have paid attention to before. It’s a minor detail that shifted my whole view of the baby in the book; my children and the parents who were laid out at the end of a long day of toddler tyranny.

I learned something new.


Remember to steal some joy, share some love, embrace the wonderment of minute details and relax.

You deserve it.



welp true life tuesday

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  1. Naomi

    Please Baby Please, and Please Puppy Please are among my favorites !!

    1. Lina

      They’re sooo good
      little baby was really engaged and loved the pictures. It was such a good reading experience for me and her.

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