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Foiled Planner Clip Tutorial

Back in October I did a #BedtimeCrafting and it was aptly titled ‘Foiling Fiasco’. That whole live was a disaster. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video:

but since that time I’ve done some research and today I present to you: the foiled planner clip tutorial.

I understand that not everyone is into planning. Even I am planner babe adjacent. I don’t do the full planner spreads that some do (which I admire) but I love a pretty paperclip. Always have. Always will. So today we’re going to dive into making our own Foiled Planner Clip!



  1. Download the Dassit Clip SVG.
  2. Create a New Canvas in Cricut Design Space.
  3. Click Upload > Browse > Chose your Dassit Clip SVG from where ever it’s saved on your computer. Click Okay.
  4. Once Uploaded there should be 3 parts of the file:
  5. Now separated, let’s recolor the items to ‘match’ the paper we’re going to be using. My foil is an iridescent silver, so the “Black Dassit” will be recolored to grey, the white offset and background will be recolored to Black:
  6. Select All > Click Align > Center. Then Resize to 2.5 inches wide
  7. Now we are ready to make it! Be sure to click ‘Save’ before you click ‘Make It’
  8. We will prepare two mats. 1 mat with the Therm-O-Web Toner Sheet and the other with the Black 8.5″ by 11″ cardstock.
  9. The toner sheet has the thickness of a sheet of glossy paper, so the cut setting will be Light Cardstock – 65 Lbs, Less Pressure:
    foil clip toner sheet settingThen follow the prompt to cut your material.
  10. The Black Cardstock will be set to Light Cardstock – 65 Lbs, Default Pressure:
    Then follow the prompt to cut your material.
  11. Remove your items from the mat and let’s foil!

    Foiling Steps:

  12. I’m using a thermal laminator, the Heidi Swapp minc foiling folders, the iridescent foil & the Dassit Cut out.
  13. Cut a piece of foil a bit bigger than your design and place it shiny side up on top of the toner sheet.
  14. Place your foil and toner sheet inside the minc folder and send through your laminator.
  15. Voila! you’ve foiled your project without using a laser printer!!
  16. Now it’s time to assemble and apply to the paperclip.


  17. Place a small dab of hot glue on the back of your toner sheet, and align (as best you can) to the center of one piece of your black cardstock cut out.
  18. On the second black cardstock cut out apply hot glue and place paperclip .
  19. Add glue to the top of your paper clip and place top foiled & layered piece of cardstock on top.


Remember to steal some joy, share some love, try something new and relax!

You Deserve it,



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