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Renaissance Tour Inspired Earrings

One of my coworkers is a HUGE BTS fan. If you aren’t aware, they’re currently on hiatus because reasons. But one of the members, SUGA, is a solo act. He goes by AGUST D. The BTS fan coworker and I have a conversation that goes like this:

BTS Fan: Hey Lina, I heard you make earrings?

Lina: you might have heard that. What’s up?
BTS Fan: I’m going to this AGUST D concert and I was wondering if you could make me some earrings. Of course, I’ll pay you.

Lina: Lemme see what I can make shake.

I’m generally aware of BTS and the cute line friends so when she asked, it was important to me that I incorporate one of the characters. Here are those earrings:

**insert picture of the BTS/SUGA/AGUST D earrings here**

I realize I don’t have pictures of the earrings in packaging because I thought it was going to be a one off lol.

She loved them and I did too.

THEN a couple days later, another co-worker said ‘LINA. I’M GOING TO THE BEYONCÉ CONCERT AND I NEED SOME EARRINGS FOR THAT CONCERT TOO. Of course, I’ll pay you”

I’ll share my Renaissance your ticket story another day. I’m not going and I’m fine with that. I’ve seen the Queen twice in concert and both times were PHENOMENAL.

This request had me a little shook honestly. I needed a way to make sure I did her justice and did a good job on the earrings. The photograph used by the LA times is my favorite of all the promotional pictures that have come from this album (since she’s outright REFUSING to give us any visuals).

So this was the one I chose to go with because it only made sense. It wasn’t the horse, which is amazing but hard to replicate without copyright infringement. I had most of the supplies already on hand except the pink vinyl for the lips. Pink isn’t really one of my favorite colors so I had to make a field trip to Michael’s. It was nice. I haven’t been in Michael’s for a long time.

Beyoncé will be in Chicago July 27th. But tell your no Renaissance tour outfit having friends they can start their outfit with these earrings.Renaissance Inspired Earrings image 1

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, play any track from the Renaissance Album, and relax.

You deserve it.



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