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Creative Organizer (Custom Planner Printable)

I’d like to introduce the MightE Made It Creative Organizer.

The definition of ‘organize’ is to:

  • arrange into a structured whole; order.
  • make arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity); coordinate.

How do I keep everything “organized”?

Between parenting, crafting, marriage, work, friends and life feigning organization is a real thing. I’ve tried several different ways. Right now I’m using a combination of Google Calendar, Trello & My Planner. That may change in the near future but I’m committed to making the current system work. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that some people, planning is a ‘thing’. Like crafting is ‘my thing’ for others, it’s planning. I tried to get on the train. The decoration of it all, it’s not for me. I try my hand at it every now and then, but I just prefer pretty pens. Right now these are my favorites. They’re retractable, refillable but most of all erasable. I love a good erasable pen. I digress.

This post is dedicated to my planner. It’s a hybrid of Happy Planner Super Mom Mini & my very own MightE Made Creative Organizer.  The creative organizer pages fold out but are the size to fit inside my happy planner mini.  (I will be releasing a hand lettered version of this page in my shop June 13th. Be on the lookout for the release in the shop).  I found a similar template on etsy but why buy when you can D-I-Y! I was browsing for pages that had more writing space than what comes in the standard Happy Planner Mini Monthly Pages and I didn’t want to have to carry around a classic sized planner. If I had to do that I would not use it. I doubt if I’m looking for #PlannerPeace  but right now, I’m content. I also enjoy making things to use in my planner to make it more personalized. The customization makes me more inclined to use it.

How do you stay organized?



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