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Other Duties As Assigned

My resume is full of ‘other duties as assigned’. This does not discredit my years of work experience but those additional job duties have really added some color to my skill set. They have also provided some wonderful memories and stories to tell. I’ve worked with children of all ages and my ‘worst’ job experience was my time as an administrative assistant. That was a job I realize that i wasn’t “fit” for and left before I got fired. After that I spent some time working in a charter high school for at risk youth. Then. I finished my master’s in 2016. I transitioned from maternity leave into Children’s Librarianship. Other Duties As Assigned is the part of my job descriptions that I have the most fun with.

Other duties as assigned include, but are not limited to: website work, updated databases, learned how to use a 3-D printer and a record player that digitizes vinyl. Keeping up to date on video games and social media platforms. I enjoy those facets of my professional career. However, I have to say that I never thought that Double Dutch would be a factor. My knees weren’t as achy as I thought they would be. Also, my husband didn’t believe I could jump double dutch. That text message started an interesting conversation about other things he wasn’t sure I could do. After 11 years together, I can still keep him guessing.

It was freeing to jump in those ropes again and get my body moving in a deeply familiar way. I laughed and was proud of myself. I had fun and looked ridiculous. It was amazing and I look forward to having more fun with ‘other duties as assigned’.

Do you have a favorite “other duty as assigned”?


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