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On the Job Training

Parenting is long term on the job training. My new on the job duties include:

  • Re-certifying in first aid and keep a fully stocked first aid kit
  • constantly learning new songs and the corresponding toddler friendly dances.
  • Sharing my Spotify account which lead to the destruction of my Discover Weekly Playlist by (not good) children’s music.
  • Purchasing additional furniture for the already overcrowded toddler room. The Kid now has a queen sized to encourage sleeping in her room. Alas, SHE STILL SLEEPS IN MY BED.

What is Life?!

Parenting is long term on the job training. 

I have several friends who have recently became parents. My husband and I tried to forewarn them of the constant exhaustion, perpetual lack of funds and the strain it can put on the marriage. Really, parenthood is incomprehensible. Understanding only happens when it’s experienced first hand. The aforementioned new parents are all surviving and their little bundles of joy are too adorable for words. Believe me, those are some happy and beautiful babies.

My parenting journey is one that has not benefited from any book. I have requested and read the most popular parenting help books. Despite the work and research, my child still sleeps in my bed and her daily routine is haphazard at best. We have now crossed into potty training. Everyone who encounters The Kid is flying by the seat of their pants, LITERALLY. We scurry to the potty for The Kid to give us this look of bewilderment and then say she’s done with nothing to show for it. and she then demands a sticker. I have to tell her no if she doesn’t use the potty and I think the notion is beginning to resonate with her. I will know more on sticker efficacy next week.

How would you describe parenting?



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