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The Kid broke hurt. Initially, this post was about Snapchat filters and how The Kid really enjoys them. But as I was writing the post, another idea came to fruition: Hurt.   

Hurt can operate as a verb, a noun and an adjective. The Kid has turned hurt into an all-purpose exclamation and a reason to not do what you’re asked, told, or just generally doesn’t want to do.   

When she finishes her cookie at Give Me Some Sugah Bakery and wants more, 

If something happens she dislikes,  
During Bedtime,  
After she finishes eating ANY meal,  
When she’s in her car seat and is ready to get out of it,  
If she’s playing by herself and gets frustrated  
If the wind blows too hard  
She always responds hurt.   
I’ll never understand it. I try to get her to say “no like” “scared”, “stop” or try to vocalize whatever she’s desiring.   
Now, none of that coaching is working and her only response is “hurt”.  
We do not know where hurt came from. For several months, she’s been saying hurt. As a result, I’ve asked her caregiver, my mother, my mother-in-law, my husband and I even have to think about her time with me to make sure she’s never been truly ‘hurt”. She fell down last week and actually hurt herself. And when she said hurt, it wasn’t even for the right thing. She bumped her head but was insistent about me kissing her finger to make her feel better. I think she understands how and why hurt and the hurt nomenclature works. I believe she might just be refusing to use it “properly” because I don’t know what goes through her growing toddler brain.

But sometimes I realize that toddlers get to find and do the things adults wish they could.  
Don’t want to go to work, call in “hurt”.   
Not in the mood to wash the dishes “hurt”.  
Wish the laundry would fold itself “hurt”.   
Try to understand why your child claims “hurt” for everything: “hurt”. 


What is something you would like to call ‘hurt’ on?



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