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We're coming for your crafts!

Watch Out Internet, Marauders!

Watch Out Internet! The #MYTMarauders are coming for your Crafts! I have dubbed myself Chicago’s Crafty Calligrapher Mama. For the past two months we’ve focused on the Calligrapher part with two lettering challenges. March is my birthday. So, we will shift gears to CRAFTING! 

The premise is simple. Every week of march you create something. I had the caveat that everything created use a glue stick. I took that constraint off. It is better that I give the project for the weeks craft and you all show me what you’re made of.  Paper crafting, sewing, knitting, crochet, watercolor, Calligraphy, whatever! It’s all welcome on this challenge. So, this challenge/idea that began as #GlueStickBandits has morphed into #MYTMarauders (shout out to A Tribe Called Quest. One of my faves).  

MYTMaurauders are coming for your crafts!


Each weekproject must be completed by the following Thursday to be included in the #FeatureFriday stories.  

Tag me (@mightemadeitand use #MYTMarauders on social media.  

I look forward to seeing all the good goodness we will create this month. The past two years I haven’t really been all that excited about my birthday. This year isn’t much different but I’m very inspired to create for myself and to share this journey with you. And to see what you will be making. If you read my post, I encourage you to try new things, get it wrong and keep trying, anyway! If make a project and you think it’s ugly, that’s okay. Why? Because you made the world quirkier and more beautiful with your ugly art and I thank you (in advance) for sharing! If you don’t share, that’s cool as well! I thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and making something for this challenge! 

New challenge is coming in April! Have you submitted your #MYTCommunity word suggestion? Click here. 

Last, I would also like to acknowledge the lapse in blog posts. Things got a little hecticand I wasn’t feeling very energized to post. But this past weekend, though full, allowed me some time to meet and socialize with several Chicago area Calligraphers and Bloggers. Let’s just say this gal’s creative juices are GOING! 

Thanks, y’all for your patience and understanding. 



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