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"driving" at the auto show.


Moxie – (noun) Force of character, determination, or nerve. 

The past 10 days have been a whirlwind of activity for The Kid. I deduce my child has moxie. In the fullest sense of the word. The Kid is an experience.

First, she is one of the shadiest kids I’ve ever met. She will not talk to you, ignore you or humor then ignore you without you being entirely offended until 10 minutes later. At that point, she’s moved on to something or has demanded music or Bubble Guppies (if anyone has access to season 3. let me know)

Next, her sense of humor is infectious. As serious as she can be, lately, she’s been coming out of her shell. She is cracking jokes. Her favorite is playing Where’s MaeMae, better known as Peek-A-Boo. That really gets her going.  While eating pizza last week, I can’t recall what my husband did, but The Kid CACKLED, slapped her knee and bent over with humor and then said ‘daddy, you silly’.



For those who have been following along, yes, she is still calling me by my first name. It still bothers me. D (my husband) pointed out that maybe she calls me by my first name because she feels close to her mother (me). To that notion I say Duckbill. When I ignore her, she then corrects herself and calls me mama. She does it because she knows deep down; I find it hilarious.

Observant Little Munchkin.

She is making requests or flat out demanding that we meet her needs. There has been a solid year of speech therapy to get us here and her first sentence was ‘I want the eggs’. She was relatively clear and concise in what she wanted. She has yet to learn the word ‘now’, for which I am very grateful.

This observation came in full force this weekend when we took a family outing to the Chicago Auto Show. The Kid LOVES cars. It was my husband’s suggestion we go. I was unsure and slightly overwhelmed at the idea but we went for it. The Kid’s initial observation was ‘people, people’ because there were many people there. Then she saw the cars, ‘VROOM, VROOM, MAMA’ and when she got into the car to ‘drive’ is when the fullness of her being settled in on me.

My child has moxie, and she is ready to unleash it on the world. Y’all better watch out. The Kid has arrived.

What’s a word you would use to describe your child or your child’s personality?  

What’s a word you would use to describe your personality? Would your parents or loved ones describe you that way?   



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