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Practice Makes Progress

Practice makes progress.

Today, I am giving thanks for Practice. The straight up boring try and try it again till you get it refined. Old fashioned. Regular Degular. Grinding. Practice.
Tuesday, I executed the idea I had in my mind. The end result was imperfect but complete. Striving for perfection is just practice in action. My craft (each and every one of them) requires practice and today I’m thankful for it!

Tombow USA Dual tip Brush pens & MONO Liquid Glue on Michaels Recollections Brand cardstock. The box was cut & scored using my Cricut – The Official Page! Explore Air 2.

Skills (and practice) All Me!

What are you thankful for today?


Remember to steal some joy, share some love, eat something tasty and relax!! You deserve it!!



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