You are currently viewing #LoveYoStrokes February 2020: Black History Month Edition

#LoveYoStrokes February 2020: Black History Month Edition

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Black History Month 2020 is coming to a close. Though my family celebrates Black History all year long, February is particularly special. #LoveYoStrokes February 2020 Lettering Challenge is a celebration of Black Culture. Allow me to introduce:

#LoveYoStrokes February 2020 Challenge

#LoveYoStrokes February 2020

February 22 – 29,  2020: I will post the stroke combination, composition ideas and a tip! We will continue 2020 practicing our lettering skills! There will also be a craft project during the #BedtimeCrafting session February 25th.

I will use the following supplies during this challenge:

All links go to my preferred retailers but you’re welcome to use what suits you best. Plus, Michael’s always has a coupon!

Brick & Mortar Retailers = FIELD TRIP!

BONUS kudos for supporting your local art supply stores and vendors.

I’m still compiling that list even though my absolute favorite place to go for art supplies is The WasteShed.

But I digress, I look forward to seeing everyone’s work and I’ll be featuring some of my faves in my Instagram stories and on my website!

Don’t forget to tag me in your posts @MightEMadeIt & use the Hashtag #LoveYoStrokes

Which prompt is your favorite? 

Thank y’all for joining me on this journey. Happy Black History Month!!



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