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Mama was Lackin’

I have lots of pictures of my family asleep. I call them Schleep Monster OG and Schleep Monster Junior. However, Sunday Morning The Kid caught me lackin’ in a new way that had my husband and I laughing for a solid 20 minutes. I called my mother, my mother in law, and several friends to share this story because it was too much!

Saturday evening, I went out and hung with a good friend of mine. I had several drinks. Not enough that I thought I’d be hungover the next day but enough to equate to a funky good time. However, I made it home (LYFT CODE: LINA900822) and walked to my bed and fell out! Sunday morning, I wake up and go to church. I survived but I knew that I needed to get home to ibuprofen and a good nap. So, in the process of getting ready to settle in for said nap, I was going to upload a ‘happy Sunday’ post on Instagram when I noticed three pictures I had never seen. The initial two were indeterminable brown blurs. But the third photo is the one that truly takes the cake.

The Kid is smugly looking in the camera, with a grin of satisfaction upon her wittle cheeks. I had no idea where the picture came from or who took it. Then (insert idea bulb here) I checked the timestamp: 3/10/19 @ 5:41am. I was tuckered and toasted, and The Kid was running amok with my cellular device. Granted, there were only three offending pictures, but I couldn’t help but be shocked and tickled by The Kid’s face. I showed the husband and he also laughed heartily. Last week’s post almost started to be about her love of snapchat filters. If the past two weeks are indicative of anything, I may have a budding photographer on my hands. But in reality, I have a curious toddler who caught her mother lackin’ during the wee hours of the morning and capitalized on this ripe opportunity to take a selfie.

Oh 21st century parenting, I don’t think I’m ready.


What are ways the children in your lives have caught you lackin’?




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