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Inspiration for Creativity is found in my colorful aura (like i got neon guts)

Media Madness 001

Before we begin the insight on inspiration. I will address pressing matters or going forwards my Creative Orders of Business (COBS):


By the time you are reading this, the first video of the challenge has gone up on my Instagram where you can see my challenge videos and take part!

Legacy: A Brush Lettering Worksheet is LIVE!


For my planner friends, there are digital planner item available.

There may be a prospect of limited-edition physical releases.

For my swaggy friends, there are is a t-shirt and a mug.


Now it’s time to clarify why this post is titled inspiration. As a creative, I try to make sure I’m staying fresh with inspiration sources for my creativity. Once a month, I will dedicate one of the creativity posts to what I’m reading, watching, listening to, etc.

What I’m Reading:

My day job is a Children’s Librarian. I read a reasonable amount of children’s literature. Sometimes that inspires me but that’s “work”. With reading, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Science Fiction. I’m a silent devotee to afro-futurism, which happens to be the way I’d describe my current read:

Temper by Nicky Drayden.

“Two Brothers. Seven Vices. One Demonic Possession. Can this relationship survive?” I’m engrossed, and I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Fiction isn’t the only thing on the to read shelf. I’ve also got several books on copper plate calligraphy techniques, Search Engine Optimization (because I need to be found online) and Learning watercolor in 30 days. It’s a fun time.

What I’m Listening To:

I jammed to “Confessions on a Dance Floor” by Madonna yesterday on my drive home.  Yes, I know of how problematic Madonna is/has been, this album is EXCELLENT. It’s a vibe I was floating on all night.

Infinity on High by Fall Out Boy was an impromptu listen. I was listening to Kaytranada’s Album 99.9% and the thought came “hmm. I want to hear fall out boy”. As you can see, I’m listening to a lot of music. It’s all over the place but that’s what fuels my creativity.

I closed out this several album bounce around with Daft Punk’s Discovery. It was a lively car ride home. Someone has captured my car dancing on the “snappity-chats”.

What I’m Watching:

YouTube videos on how to be a great blogger. I had a fun conversation my husband. I’d like for us to watch movies together again. Life at Large + an active toddler = not watching movies but living life. My Netflix queue is colorful and I am looking forward to watching Trigger Warning with Killer Mike.


I realize that this isn’t quite what comes on Thursdays, but I am working on some newer content, so I’ve been a busy bee.


Creativity begets creativity.

Where are unexpected places you find inspiration for creativity?

Where are your favorite places you find inspiration for creativity?


Lina, a day late, never a dollar short

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