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Get the Strap

Oxford’s thesaurus has various words for a leash and harness. However, for both words (and this instance) “strap” will suffice. 

The Kid is 2. This year we learned of her physical delay and she has been receiving occupational therapy since January. The Kid walked several weeks before her 2nd Birthday. She’s also been playing with running for the past 6 weeks, but I don’t think it’s intentional. She falls down or uses furniture to stop herself because she’s going too fast. It’s like her feet are on speed and then they are drunk. It’s kind of funny.  

HOWEVER, as part of her therapeutic strength building, she needs to walk around. A LOT. A bonus of this is her tiring herself out so she’ll sleep through the night.  

The idea came about when I took her to Target about two weeks ago. She was walking around freely and I appreciated the delight on her face enjoying her newfound Target Run independence. It became tiresome to have to chase her down the aisle, or redirect her when she wanted to go look at the glittery Peppa Pig items displayed at eye level or touch the $89.99 comforter on the bottom shelf. I figure putting her on a leash allows her to go, see, explore (notice I left out do) without me having to follow behind my toddler overlord child. (I got in my 10,00 steps that day though. Take that Turncoat!) Even Sunday, she went with me to David’s Bridal for a dress fitting. I believe with 88.54% accuracy that if I were to have had a leash during this excursion, I would have been a little less rattled by the time I laid down to sleep Sunday night. She was all over the place. I had several sets of helpful and capable hands to intercede in the leash’s place but I will purchase one after the holiday. Hopefully, I’ll find it on a crazy amazon deal or something.  

There’s a lot of chitter chatter on the interwebs about whether parents should use such parenting tools. Even coaxing out this blog post, a friend who’s not yet a parent, said they struggled to understand why a parent would use a leash. When a parent gives instructions to not move that child should obey. Point. Blank. Period. The Kid does what she wants and obeys when she feels like it. It’s interesting being her parent. Thinking about this idea further, I spoke with my mom to see if she had any input on leashing The Kid. She told me about the time ONE TIME she leashed my aunt and I to go to the Taste of Chicago when my aunt was 8 and I was 2.  My mother also pointed out how it wasn’t a leash but a tether of crocheted together rubber bands we wore on our wrists.  

The Sleep War of 2018 is drawing to an end. I’ve tried Melatonin Neat, MelatOAnin (Meltaonin + oatmeal), relaxation baths, laying in her room until she falls asleep, sleeping in her room on the floor, slathering her in Vaseline and lavender oil, singing her songs, giving her late night treats, allowing her to watch Finding Nemo until she falls asleep, leaving her in the room by herself and there was ONE instance of crying in her room on the floor begging her to go to sleep. 

It‘s bad.

At this point we’ve exhausted all our options and have worn each other down.

Tree meet Apple. 

**in my 50 cent voice** 


What is an unconventional parenting method you’ve used to get your little one to follow instructions and/or to sleep at night? 

What is an unconventional parenting moment your parents had that makes you laugh today? 



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