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The Case FOR Struggle Art

Ya favorite artist wasn’t always great.

I mean, I remember when “Bow Down” dropped and I recall with an emotional fervor how amazingly flaw-full* that song was. 

Beyoncé Grew. So Can I.

Today is an ode to struggle art. I have plenty. Most artists who practice their when they shouldn’t be or have sketchbooks filled with art that’s too weird, terrible or whatever to share also have it. However, I think there is value to sharing one’s struggle art. In today’s world of well curated content, #truelife, #honest (all the things) & #realshit posts, I think there’s a case for taking a moment to share the not-so-great or work-in progress pieces. Unless, it’s poetry. I do not enjoy poetry. So that can be kept wherever struggle poetry lives.

I appreciate posts that show an artist’s growth. It gives me hope that one day, just one day, I’ll no longer be covered in ink for days on end and my dip pen calligraphy will be ON FLEEK! 

Until then, I will roll my sleeves up and make sure I’m not wearing my good polyester when I sit down at my craft table to make amazingly flaw-full** struggle art I may… Or may not share.

What skill/craft/hobby/hustle/whatever are working on that you look forward to being better at?



*see what I did there!

**ha! made you look. TWICE!

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