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No Mama. Mine.

Last week The Kid became infatuated with my things. My scarfs, my bathroom activities, and certain parts of my body just to make a few.

I’m not sure this ever ends as I still “move into” things of my mother’s with the same motive and authority as my child’s “No Mama. Mine.”

So in the meantime I can still get my items back (and hide them from her and myself **face palm**). However, I look forward to the day that the kid has something like and I get to say “No Kid. Mine.”

What are ways you enjoy getting petty revenge on your children? Or your parents? Or any loved one?




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  1. Dad

    The most enjoyable for me so far is to run my adult children out of my fridge, and then ask them to buy me a meal once in a while 🙂

    1. mightemadeit

      I’ll be sure to stay out the fridge.

  2. Folasade

    I still tell on my siblings. I’m quick to send a tattletale ass text to my dad regarding my brother or sister 😊

    1. mightemadeit

      I think snitching on siblings all of one’s life is valid. Especially if they out here being crazy.

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