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Mad Chill Monday 12.30.19

My hope is for everyone to have a Mad Chill Monday. What are some goals you have this week? I will finally ship out orders that I have done. I was able to relax into my day but it will still be a productive one. It is quiet at the job this morning (since I’m a librarian and all and there aren’t any kids here yet) and I was able to whip out this beauty. I used a bounce lettering look.

Mad Chill Monday Procreate Tips:

The Brush Script Brush in Procreate‘s included Calligraphy brushes.

Set the streamline of the brush to 100%. My drawing assist grid is size is 71 px. This is usually set at 88px. I have been tinkering with the settings to see what feels good. I set it to 88 because that’s the year I was born. lol. The drawing assist grid provides gridlines for your artwork and helps with consistency when working from your baseline to your x-height. (More on this lingo in my calligraphy classes. I have two in January. 1/10/20 & 1/24/20 @ 6pm at Michael’s in Evergreen Park. I’ll also be releasing online classes in February).

iPad lettering in Procreate.

Video Recorded on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Video edited in Adobe Premier Rush on iPad.

Skills All Me.

Remember to steal some joy, schedule a nap, eat something tasty and relax.

You Deserve It.



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