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Millennial Blerd Parenting is real. This weekend I embraced my truth. 

The framework of today’s post: 

1) I’m weird. 

2) I’m a proud nerd and as much as I detest the word ‘blerd’*, that is my tribe lol. (I dislike it because it’s an ugly word. The way some people feel about moist. I feel about blerd) 

*What is a Blerd?

3) My mother is a fan of the Dr. Who television series. She prefers Star trek over Star Wars. And is a big X-Files fan. The only reason I was big excited about the X -files reboot was because I remember watching it with my mom and how much she enjoyed it.  

4) My child has attended the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo during every phase of her life:  

In Utero: 

Midway through Trimester 1

As a baby: 

Clearly Mama was more excited than she was.

As a toddler (see the featured image. I was just really proud of her and her progress)

And I would like to continue this for several reasons: 

  • I am an afro-futurist. Which, for me, MOST SIMPLY means that I envision black people in all futures fictional and real. That’s not militant, it’s not an idea that should strike fear in your hearts. I want my daughter to know when she’s imagining all the things, that she and people like her will continue to exist.  
  • She needs to know that you can be both: Black and Nerd, a woman and a smart, Feminine and Divine. (and all of the other binaries one can come up with. She’ll also be a Chicago White Sox and a Chicago Cubs Fan, more on this in another post) 
  • The Kid is the next generation of black girl nerds, and I didn’t even realize this about myself until I was an adult. It affirmed a lot of things in me that were floating in the ether until I was able to put a name to that part of my identity. Before the nomenclature came to pass, I was just the ‘weird, smart girl who liked weird stuff. ‘ 

She is relatively innocent and is not entirely aware of all the craziness that exists in the world. But if I can help instill in The Kid a strong sense of ALL of herself then I’m on the right path.  I’m also fully aware that she may like nothing that I like at all. She might find something else ENTIRELY to geek out about, obsess over, love and enjoy. I’m ready for that too. I’m really curious. Until then, mama will continue to do the Elmo slide (yes, it’s real), watch bubble guppies, Pocoyo and Boss Baby (the movie & the Netflix Original Series) until she shows me what our little family fandom will be next.  


What things do you enjoy with your family? Or What’s something you enjoy that’s different from your family?  


What’s something you look forward to sharing with your future family? 




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