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Parenting can be rough.

The small moments that make it worthwhile are her laughter, watching her grow, see, do and explore.

and even.


her sass.

but not her trash sleeping as of late.

Waking up to a toddler bed bandit is no fun.



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  1. Jamir Armstrong

    I remember my first go round with Jaylen, his mom and I were seperated and she dropped him off to me for the weekend. He was about 6/7 months young and he was chill that Friday and Saturday but Sunday…. Sis when I say he was a menace he left me with thoughts like “nah im not making no more” crapped up his pamper to where it reached his back, and when it was time for him to leave oh my god if he didn’t holler until it was time for her to come, I don’t remember what else he did 😅. Parenting definitely has its up and downs but how you handling things only makes you a better parent. You have a little bundle of joy over there and that smile my niece has, have me filled with happiness every time I see. Keep doing what you doing sis, you and bro, we definitely see you guys progress.

    1. mightemadeit

      Thank you!!! We be trying!! Parenting definitely has its ups and downs and we ride them!! Lol.

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