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Today we went to the farmer’s market. It was cool. I got some Kale, Peaches, Blueberries (for the Kid), Potatoes, Tomatoes, Kombucade & a Cinnamon Roll.

Also, we went to the park. I finally got a picture of The Kid smiling in the swing. She can be the World’s Most Serious Baby™ sometimes.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. We took her to our favorite Ramen Restaurant. During this outing, The Kid was in rare form, as such my brother tried to tell her ‘no’. My mother responds “She doesn’t know what that even means yet, you might as well say ‘Duckbill’ ” (no one has time for this, however, it was funny. So it was put to the test) The Kid was then distracted and calmed by ‘Duckbill’.

The things you learn in parenting.



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