Letter Board Love – MightEMadeIt Style Part Deux

It’s time for another round of Letter Board Love – MightEMadeit Style. It’s safe to say that most people enjoy a good pun. I do. Also, I realize I hadn’t updated my letter board since October, so I took the plunge this month to re-do my letter board for December. I will also take this time to confess that we have not put up our Christmas tree. I am not feeling very festive. Making the letter board is a way that I could channel some energy into making something cute and festive (kinda) since I used gnomes.

I began this letter board with brush lettering in my Rhodia Pad with my Tombow Dual Tip markers (you know, some of my favorite tools).

Then I scanned the image to my laptop with my printer (an HP Envy 7855 All in One).

The image was uploaded into Adobe Illustrator and I was able to manipulate, add an offset and turn the file into an SVG. (tutorial coming on this in 2020)


  • Printable Vinyl. I use this brand
  •  Preferred cutting Machine. For this project I used my Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Design Space (here’s the link to this specific canvas)
  • Kraft Board, I used the one manufactured by Cricut.
  • 1 Sheet 12″ inch by 12″ inch Card Stock
  • A Peace of Creativity, DIY Letter Board Pegs
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • A Letter Board. I have this one.



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