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MLK Day 2021 Observance

As we prepare to observe MLK Day 2021 on the 3rd Monday of January but his Birthday is the today, January 15th. In light of the weekend and Monday being the actual Holiday I don’t have any cute quips or puns. I will also not be posting on Social Media today. Just a simple request that you read the Letter from a Birmingham Jail & Read or Listen to NPR Code Switch’s Article titled “The Power of Martin Luther King Jr’s Anger”.

He wasn’t just ‘non-violent’, that non-violence was backed by a justifiable and righteous rage. This past year, it’s tough for me to really sit with feelings of non-violence or messages of peace and love. It seems tone-deaf. So on his birthday, I encourage you to think with the fullness of his life. The fullness of what his life could have been and the ways his anger has been minimized when thinking about the ways his anger challenged white supremacy.

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, honor the ancestors and relax.

You Deserve It,



or another signature I was thinking about as I lettered this:

Yours for the cause of peace and personhood.

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