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iPad Lettering Tips!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about iPad lettering tips. For those interested in learning lettering and calligraphy with brush pens, I wrote this post a while back and it’s still very relevant for those looking to learn lettering! But I don’t always have my favorite supplies on me at all times but I do often have my ipad and apple pencil.

I recorded this video real quick while I was at work and was really feeling ‘vibe-y’ lol.

Lina’s Preferred Supplies for iPad Lettering:

While I’m generally NOT an Apple product user (ANDROID FOR LIFE, WINDOWS FOREVER!!). I can say confidently that the apple pencil, iPad and procreate combination for digital lettering is absolutely phenomenal. It’s infuriatingly amazing!

But I digress.

Lina’s Tips for iPad Lettering in Procreate:

  1. GO SLOW!! You may have seen many videos of people lettering on the ipad (myself included). THESE VIDEOS HAVE BEEN EDITED. iPad Lettering uses the same strokes as you’d find with brush lettering on paper. Like the fabled tortoise, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.
  2. Use brushes already included in procreate. There’s a large market of procreate brushes that you can buy, but for a beginner this can be OVERWHELMING.
    My favorite procreate lettering brushes are in the Calligraphy Brushes: Monoline, Brush Pen & Script.
  3. Set the brushes StreamLine to Max. This isn’t cheating. It helps with any shakiness that might occur since you’re not lettering on paper. It smooths all your brush strokes. Also, it’s nice to have a lil extra support, so use it. StreamLine combined with Tip #1 you’re already ahead of the game!Steps to change StreamLine:
    Tap the Brush Symbol in the upper right hand side of the screen > Choose Calligraphy > Scroll to Monoline > Double Tap the Brush > Under Stroke Path > Swipe StreamLine setting to Max > Done!
  4. Use the Drawing Guide. The drawing guide has several different settings but for beginners it’ll give you a guide that looks like graph paper. This helps ensure you’re lettering on a straight line. It also provides support in making sure your strokes and letter forms are all the same height.

    Steps to Use the Drawing Guide:

    Tap the wrench in the upper left hand side of the screen > Choose Canvas > Tap the ‘Drawing Guide’ Switch to On. For beginners, there’s not quite a need to adjust the settings.

I hope this post is helpful. It’s full of all the very basic beginning steps you can use to begin ipad lettering. If you’re interested there are iPad Lettering Worksheets available in the shop!

Remember to steal some joy, share some love, try something new and relax!

You deserve it!




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