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Cheers? Party Shakers

Cheers? I’m pretty sure that’s going to be everyone’s mood come New Year’s Eve. Generally confused, but glad the year is over?

In addition to our “sense of relief” what better way to close out this year than with a party shaker!

Cheers and elements were hand lettered & hand drawn by me 🙂


**Acetate Hack: If you aren’t able to purchase the pack of acetate but have either self laminating pouches or heat laminating pouches. Seal one and BOOM you’re all set with an acetate replacement.**


  • Download & Unzip the Cheers Cut file.
  • Upload into Cricut Design Space
  • When you import the file into the canvas click select all. (for me the file was positioned at Y= -10? In case this happens to you, just type 0 in the Y box and your file should come into focus)
  • While everything is selected, click “Ungroup” twice.
  • Remove the grey offset around the shapes.
  • Click Shape. Select Hexagon. Resize to 6″ wide.
  • Duplicate the 6″ hexagon twice. Recolor the second hexagon to light blue. This denotes our acetate sheet.
  • Create a 5.5″ Hexagon. Align and center the two different sized hexagons and select Slice.
  • Delete the center piece.

  •  Duplicate (or copy and paste) the frame shape 6 to 8 times. This is the space where your shaker elements will be.
  • Select one hexagon frame and make it Blue. This will indicate your foil color which is the top layer of your party shaker.
  • Prepare your mats with the respective colored papers & acetate.
  • You will glue 6-7 of your hexagon frames together before you glue to a the back hexagon piece.
  • Fill with your paper confetti (included in the design) and chunky daisy glitter.
  • Glue black cheers and question mark to the acetate and  layer on top of your shaker.
  • Glue the top Blue frame to the shaker.
  • VOILA!!

Shake. Shake. Shake 2020 away!

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