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Christmas Pun Here Ornament Print & Cut Card

Christmas will soon be upon us and what better way to have a celebratory Socially Distant Christmas than by MAILING A CHRISTMAS CARD!

Today’s project is a simple ornament shaped card using the Cricut Print Then Cut feature. As I mentioned in last month’s blog post; I’m a huge fan of the print and cut feature and use it often and a simple Christmas card is a great way to use this feature. So let’s begin!



  • Download & Unzip the Christmas Pun Here Cut file.
  • Upload into Cricut Design Space
  • When you import the file into the canvas click select all. (for me the file was positioned at Y= -10? In case this happens to you, just type 0 in the Y box and your file should come into focus)
  • While everything is selected, click “Ungroup” twice.
  • Select all the colored ornaments pieces and hide them. Select a colored shape and click the eyeball in the Layers Menu. We will only be using the black background portion of our file. Your canvas should look like this:
  • Select your preferred ornament. I like the circle ornament for this project. The teardrop ornament would be great for a banner or confetti! (that project is coming soon!) Resize the selected circle ornament to 4 inches high.
  • Select the circle ornament again. Right click and select send to back:
  • Select Christmas Pun Here and Resize to 3″ inches wide. This will allow the words to fit inside of your ornament:
  • Select the Christmas Ornament again and click duplicate. After this step you’re going to align them horizontally and move them close enough to weld. Your canvas should look like this:
  • After welding your two ornaments together, be sure to send to back again. After that change your ornaments to white:
  • This card is a little boring so we’re going to add a little bit more razzle dazzle!
  • I recolored the teardrop backgrounds and added a cute little border to the bottom of the card. I won’t provide too much instruction on this because CREATIVITY!!!
  • Click ‘Select All’ and then ‘Flatten’:
  • We’re now going to add our score line to this card. Now that everything is flattened. Click Shapes then score line:
  • Select all, then align, then center. This will put your score line directly in the center of your card.
  • Then click Select All again then attach. This will ensure that after your print and your card is placed on the mat, it will be scored BEFORE it’s cut.
  • SAVE YOUR PROJECT BEFORE YOU CLICK MAKE IT. Just in case disaster strikes, you’ve protected yourself.
  • The next screen is generally defaulted. There’s no additional steps here. Click Continue:
  • Add your white card stock to your printer. Then click continue.
  • Click “Send to Printer”. Turn off ‘Apply Bleed’. Turn on ‘use system dialogue’. Then click Print.
  • Follow your printer’s settings.
  • Place your printed project on your cricut mat.
  • Your Cricut will read the registration marks, score and cut your project your project.
  • Remove from mat, fold in half.
  • BOOM. Christmas Card!

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Christmas Pun Here Ornament Print & Cut Card

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Remember to steal some joy, share some love, insert Christmas Pun here & relax.

You deserve it!



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