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Sprinkle A Lil Thanks Cut File

Sprinkling a lil thanks on anything just makes the day a little better. I have the cut file to prove it lol.

Today’s project is a planner insert using Cricut’s Print & Cut feature. I’m a huge fan of the print and cut feature and use it often, particularly when I make new items for my planner. So let’s get started:



**NOTE: I realize that my dimensions of the resized page were wrong. My planner pages are NOT 9″ by 6″. THE CORRECT MEASUREMENT IS 8″ BY 6″.

  • Download & Unzip the Sprinkle A Lil Thank on It Cut File.
  • Upload into Cricut Design Space

Sprinkle a lil thanks step 1

  • Resize to fit your desired planner page size. My planner pages are 9″ by 6″. So I’ll resize to 5.5″ wide. The height will fit inside of the 9″. I keep the lock ON so I don’t distort the image.

  • Click Shapes and add a square to the canvas. Unlock the proportions on the square. Resize the square to your page shape. For me, the resize is 9″ by 6″.

Sprinkle A Lil Thanks 3

  • Change the color of the rectangle to white. Click the grey box next to the cut drop down menu and select white.

Sprinkle a lil thanks step 5

  • Select the rectangle. Click ‘Arrange’. Select ‘send to back’.

  • Select all the items in the canvas. Click ‘Arrange’ (yes again). Select ‘center’.

sprinkle a lil thanks 5.1

  • In the right hand menu, select the sprinkle a lil thanks on it text. I changed the color from Black to Reddish-Orange. I liked the festive fall look.

  • Click “Select All”. On the right hand side bottom panel, click ‘Flatten’

  • Click Save. Now we’re ready to make!
  • In the upper right hand corner, click “Make It”
  • The next screen’s settings are generally default. I DO NOT RECOMMEND CHANGING ANYTHING.

  • Add your white card stock to your printer. Then click continue.
  • Click “Send to Printer”. Turn off ‘Apply Bleed’. Turn on ‘use system dialogue’. Then click Print.
  • Follow your printer’s settings.
  • Place your printed project on your cricut mat.
  • Your Cricut will read the registration marks and cut your project.
  • Hole punch your page
  • **optional** use the Crop-A-Dile Corner chomper to round the edges.
  • Insert into planner.

Et voila!

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  1. Teresa

    Oh my gosh, how cute! I don’t typically do planner pages but I love this idea and think it’s perfect!

    1. Lina

      Thank you!!! It’s such a simple way for me to use some of the things I make. You could also put it in a cute frame as art for your desk or wall. Print and cut is a crafting life saver.

  2. Gaye

    I could not find where to locate the SVG and download.

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