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Feeling Good Friday 12.27.19

We made it to Feeling Good Friday!

How can you embrace the unknown today? One of my favorite talents is Salli Richardson-Whitfield. She’s been in a lot of my favorite shows and movies. Recently, she’s been directing movies and television shows. I appreciate her body of work. She is also a mom with a career and goals. She is a motivation for me to heed last week’s advice. Taking care of myself inside and out will help me live my best life. Also, this quote is fitting for me because it helps put a special light on the unknown opportunities that lie before us all:

It’s never too late to follow your dreams. And sometimes it’s a dream you never knew you had.

It’s been a journey to becoming Chicago’s Crafty Calligrapher Mama but I’m here. There have bene lots of highs and lows but I have mostly resided in the content median. I never thought I would embrace struggle art. I didn’t know that I’d be teaching classes at Michael’s. Working on my own digital class. Or meet some of the awesome people and opportunities that I’ve met this year.

On this final Friday of 2019, I will remember to walk boldly into the unknown, say yes to the things that terrify me most and lean in to the challenges that can help me grow. That is my brave space.

Journey into the unknown. Embrace your brave space. Steal some joy and Relax.

You Deserve it!

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