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Slay The Day Queen Sticker Tutorial

Slay The Day Queen!

That’s the mood that inspired this sticker making tutorial. Also, please pause to celebrate my internet cousin, Crafts of a Different Shade, (Thanks Evelyn from the Internets) on her collaboration with Cricut called ‘Slay The Day’

**queue confetti & a well deserved congratulations**

The Slay The Day Queen image is the one that spoke to my heart. So I decided I’d make something with it. If you know me, you know I love stickers so it was ONLY fitting that this beautiful image become a sticker!



Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Design Space

Cardstock: Yellow, Brown, Black. All colors cut to 6 inch squares.

Siser Black Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. Also cut into a 6 inch square.

Xyron Creative Station (or preferred adhesive)

Weeding Tool



**I do NOT have an easy press yet.  I do have a Rowenta Iron which is great for sewing, so I figured it’d also be great for crafting. (I was correct)

Video Tutorial Available on IGTV



Cricut Design Space can be accessed on desktop, android, iOS and (most recently) offline.

For this tutorial I am using Cricut Design Space on Android.

-Open a new canvas

-click images

-search “slay the day”. The first image tap the ‘i’ symbol. You’ll see the cartridge name below. Tap slay the day.

Select your queen!-scroll to ‘Afro queen with crown’ > select image > insert.

Or you can open Cricut Design Space, login and click this link and choose the image.

Now that you have the image in design space, resize to 5 inches.

For the face and Afro to be used with the heat transfer vinyl we have to duplicate the Afro and face from the original image.

Select the entire image on your canvas, select un-group.

Select the Afro & Face > select Duplicate

Align the images > select slice > delete unnecessary portions.

(results from slice and the  red lips these will be swapped with the black glitter heat transfer vinyl)


Hack: Since each square is cut to 6 inches, you can put all 4 images on your mat! Place the Heat Trasnfer Vinyl & Black Card stock on the same side of the mat (this helps with cutting both images at once)


tip*: When using heat transfer vinyl it is important to remember to MIRROR YOUR IMAGE for proper cutting. Otherwise, your project will be backwards.

After cutting is complete remove your unwanted pieces from the Heat Transfer Vinyl (also known as ‘weeding’) and remove the cut pieces from your mat.


Before assembly, be sure that your iron is on, and set to the cotton setting*. Layer the Heat Transfer Vinyl on top of the brown paper cut out and place the black paper cut out at the bottom. You’re creating a vinyl, paper, paper sandwich. Apply Iron in 10 second increments until the vinyl has adhered to the paper. Allow project to cool briefly, remove heat resistant transfer material from your project.

*Tip: if your iron has a steam setting, turn it off for this project.

Roll your crown and earrings through the Xyron Creation Station (or apply your favorite adhesive) and apply the crown and earrings to your Afro queen.

Send entire project through the sticker maker or glue to your favorite project..

VOILA. A beautiful sticker using heat transfer vinyl.

This is a great way to use any paper and vinyl scraps you have around! Remember to use #mightemadeit on social media so that I can see what you make!

Which images are your favorite from this collection?



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