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The first 15 days of July, I was funemployed. I was in-between jobs. I tendered my resignation to one job and there was a delay with receiving my start date from my new job. So though I was going to be working, I hadn’t planned on having much down time between the two jobs. The universe had other plans and I was funemployed. However, my funemployment was stressful but I was able to learn some things about myself and my well being. I started walking (which hasn’t happened since I started working and I’m medium mad about it) meditating regularly and I’ve discovered the joys of deluxe pedicures again. I also didn’t do much crafting during that time. It was the first semblance of a vacation I have had in 5 years. It was a time for reflection and I am glad to have had that time off. But I’m glad that I’m working again.

It dawned on me that I was funemployed but I Didn’t have as great an action plan as my favorite youtuber, Evelyn from the internet. She saved money, reduced her expenditures, had a game plan and has been working the plan well! My funemployment was circumstantial. I was told that I’d start my new job july 1. That did not happen. So to try to combat my anxiety I really tried to relax, recharge and refresh. I took naps at least 4 times per week and it was lovely. My nap schedule has also been disrupted by employment but I digress.

I’m writing about this time because I wanted to share with you all several things that I’ve learned that I hope are helpful for you during a time of great transition:

  • Take down time to truly relax.
    Whatever that relaxation looks like for you practice it regularly. For me, it is meditation. When I lay down meditation turns into a nap but sitting up with my back and neck relaxed seems to be the most recharting form of mediation for me. I turn on white noise or rain sounds and enter the calming zone. Crafting is also relaxing but I’m reorganizing my crafting space so I did no crafting during my funemployment.

  • Listen to some new music, watch a new series you’ve been interested in.
    I am now a fan of Logic, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith & Dreamville. I revisited the catalog of some of my favorite artists, listened to albums I put off listening to and my spotify analytics are much better for it. As far as television is concerned, I was able to start watching American Housewife. It’s hilarious. Thanks to The Kid’s Godmother, Stefanie. I appreciate this fitting television recommendation.

  • Make yourself a priority.

    This is something you should do all the time. **cough** I need to take my own advice**. You should be making sure that you are well (spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally). Therapy, rest, eating well (and not just ‘clean or healthy’), self-care are all necessary to being one’s best self.

The last one isn’t the least useful but it was a major epiphany during my funemployment. Over the years, I had not invested the time, effort, or energy into myself, my well being. I have anxiety and depression. Motherhood has completely transformed my being and I’ve really got to do a better job at making sure that my wellness takes front and center after my relationship with God. I’ve discussed going through changes. Spending 15 days mostly alone with your own thoughts and a time to reflect on my life, I now have a new found energy to invest in myself, for myself. It’s hard to do. I will struggle. But I will take care of me and I’m glad that funemployment helped me see that.

Have you taken the time and energy to make yourself a priority?



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