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“Love Your Solemate” Card Tutorial

Do you love your solemate? Show some appreciation to your special someone with a card!
Father’s day was June 16th and my husband (AKA my solemate) is a great dad. He’s also a sneakerhead. According to Wikipedia, a sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and replica sneakers. His sneaker collection is well curated, cared for and managed. I’ve tried to learn the language to really try to understand what the appeal of it is. I don’t get it. But I love him for trying to include me in his world. I recall him discussing how he really wanted a pair of “off white” Jordans that came out. He missed getting a pair at the release and the resale is very expensive. In short, he did not get them.

So for father’s day, I had the bright Idea that I would make him a card inspired by the pair that got away. The design of the shoe is more involved than my crafting capabilities (and interest really) BUT I did make him a card that I can confidently say is ‘inspired by’ my husband’s favorite shoe. The Air Jordan 1.
So, let’s begin

Supplies for the Love Your Solemate Card:

  • 3 Sheets 12×12 Cardstock in Red, Black and White
  • Love Your Solemate SVG File, Available Love You Solemate Project File. (Love Your Solemate, Hand-Lettered by Me) Or you can use the Design Space Link Below:


  • Tombow Permanent Adhesive (or preferred paper crafting adhesive)
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine (or preferred cutting machine)
  • Fine Point Blade equipped
  • Tombow Foam Tape (not pictured)
  • Patience
  • Uni-ball Pen, White


  1. Download Love Your SolemateSVG file. Unzip.
  2. Upload your SVG into design space (or follow the above design space link directly to the project)
  3. Group to your preferred colors
  4. Send to cutting machine
  5. Remove your cut project from the cutting mat. (Remember: Remove your project by slightly folding your mat back from your project and NOT YOUR PROJECT FROM THE MAT. You may damage your project if not removed correctly).
  6. Fold the card portion. I opted out of scoring the card for folding since the space to fold was smaller than the ‘average’ card.
  7. Assemble.
  8. Apply preferred adhesive to back of the paper, mount on the card. Complete this with every piece of the shoe. This portion of the project is similar to putting a puzzle together.
  9. Apply foam tape to the back of the assembled shoe and mount to card.
  10. Write a tender message inside of the card on the left panel using the Pentel Signo white pen.
  11. Adhere “Love Your Solemate” to the right panel inside the card. I used white vinyl for this portion of the project.
  12. Place in an envelope..(This is optional because I did NOT put his card in an envelope)
  13. Give the card to your favorite sneakerhead.

This project began as something that I was very nervous about. I was anxious about how Love Your Solemate card was going to turn out. My husband’s Father’s day card was missing part of the shoe and I was so upset about it. I continued to assemble the card to the best of my ability anyway. Nevertheless, HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.
I hope you enjoy this project and remember to enjoy your work even if it turns out to be a struggle art project.

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(p.s. check out the video of my project assembly)

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