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Mind-Blowing Decisions

We make mind blowing decisions while life comes at us fast. One day you are graduating from therapy, the next day you’re sitting in a pediatric dentist office because your child fell and has to have a tooth extracted. My head is spinning from the last few days. Meanwhile, The Kid is unbothered and loving her new day care.

Parenting has an emotional load I was ill-prepared for.

My parenting experience has been extraordinary, overwhelming and frustrating. My diagnosis with postpartum depression and anxiety helped me navigate parenting. The night I held my child, weeping and repeating to myself ‘it’s not supposed to be this way’ is one I’ll never forget.  I’ve gotten the help and support of my therapist, primary care physician, husband, family and friends. There are moments where I remember the feelings of ‘it’s not supposed to be this way’.

Somewhere in the process of pregnancy I deluded myself into thinking several things:

1) I would snap back. (I’m still holding on to a lot of weight from pregnancy. The Kid is a toddler now and I REFUSE to call it baby weight).

2) Motherhood would be easy? I don’t know. I’ve tackled and overcome most of the challenges I’ve faced in my life. Bruised, tired but no worse for wear.

3) I can handle it. This has proven true.

I can handle it. And so can you.

The situation surrounding my daughter’s tooth is one I’m not entirely sure how to process. Parenting is exhausting. Adulting is hard. I am fortified when I see the Kid’s altered yet beautiful smile. I am moved by the look on her face the first time she hugged me and told me ‘I love you Wina’. Her actions make me realize that the most mind blowing decision I made was becoming her parent. Our life is the way it is supposed to be.

Mind Blowing Decisions and all.

What is a lesson you’d share with someone who has to make a mind-blowing decision?



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