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A Graduation of sorts

It’s been a minute. The last time I shared a post I discussed the kid hitting her ‘no more thicken up’ milestone.  I’ve been in the thick of things trying to figure out what’s next here for #TrueLifeTuesday.  

I’ll be shifting towards other aspects of my life: Marriage, Work, Friendship because I’ve been learning a lot lately in my reflections and creating. However, this ain’t that post.  

I have shared several posts that alluded to the delays The Kid had. She is still receiving the speech and feeding therapy. Her therapists are pleased with her progress but we still have some concerns. I am content with this assessment.  

However, I am here to share that the kid has had a ‘graduation’ of sorts as she is no longer receiving Occupational Therapy. This is a big deal for The Kid. She misses her therapist because she wakes up on Mondays asking for Ms. D. and is a little confused with her schedule now since she doesn’t come visit us on Monday mornings. Walking up and down the stairs, stepping up on stools, climbing on the couch, focusing on tracing, coloring, stacking blocks, being able to go to another room and completing a task. There are things that as new parents, you don’t quite know are ‘milestones’ and really watching her development helps me truly appreciate learning how to do things and developing skills. 

The Kid is an entirely new being from when I first wrote about her. She’s talking more now, engaging in more conversation. Really her primary concern is “Wina, what you doing?” to which I reply ‘You answer the question’, and the line of inquiry ceases.  She recognizes voices on the phone and her jam right now is “Old Town Road”. She sings and dances to her little heart’s content. A lot of the child we have today is from Ms. D’s diligence, patience, encouragement, knowledge and the desire to see The Kid flourish. She’s helped The Kid graduate to a new level of toddler-hood. For that I am eternally grateful for allowing The Kid to share time with Ms. D.  

Has there ever been someone who came into your life to help you reach your ‘graduation season’?




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