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Spring is the time to embrace change. I have a dark spot on the right side of my face. I’ve always had this spot, no one is really what caused it, where it came from but it’s here. My first big chop was so I could become more comfortable with my face, my dark spot and my overall self. Learning to bask in all the wonder of my person hood. I met my wouldbe husband and made most of my adult friends and was living my best life when I cut my hair the first time. It was freeing. 

That was 12 years ago this June. Two weeks ago, I cut my hair again.  

It started as an emotional response on a Friday night with some crafting scissors. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER OF AN IDEA and an even more atrocious execution. Only 4 people have seen the photo of the damage I wrought upon myself. Not even my husband saw my head that night, but he was there to console me during my grief, tears and shame. I got up the next morning and went to my husband’s barber and he really did a good job at sparing my feelings. He asked me what I wanted: 

Flattering, Feminine, and Even.  

Ron The Barber delivered. Since the cut, I have been practicing taking compliments, being gracious, dressing myself better and holding my head up high. I post almost weekly about my daughter and how she’s progressing well but I have posted little about myself and what I’ve been going through. 

This is a time for shift and there is another shift coming (The Kid will start school this year and we start potty training soon).  I’m not sure what that means for my mood, anxiety or well-being but this hair cut has opened something refreshing that I can’t name but I know in my spirit, I needed.  I have no shortage of dramatic flair and I have several loving friends who point this out to me consistently. To give you a glimpse of where my mood lies, one of my favorite characters of all time is Sadness from Inside Out. She gets me on a deeply personal level.  

I’m going through some changes. I will embrace change.

I can only brace myself and ride the wave. I want to see myself for where I am. I will accept all of this new person. I will teach myself to be less dramatic, more focused and intentional with my love and energy, I will create more and I’m prepared to reap the benefit.  

 What are (healthy, less dramatic) ways you embrace change? 



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