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I am in the Chicago-land area and we had a snowstorm over the weekend. Friday evening, The Kid & I made it home safely, and we thought we’d have more snow Saturday when we woke up. We were not as inundated with snow as we thought we would be so the family packed up the vehicle and ventured out.

Saturday night there was a more substantial snowfall. So, we got snowed in at a family member’s home. It was during that trip The Husband and I learned that The Kid has some new tricks.

She lays down on the floor when she cries. Which really means that The Kid has entered the tantrum phase.

I am not sure where or how she learned this behavior, but I am baffled. It’s the most overly dramatic fall out I’ve seen in such a long time. For additional context, I am a children’s librarian who facilitates two weekly toddler storytimes. I have seen some entertaining meltdowns. The Kid, she cried, blinked a couple times to get those good tears falling, threw her head down and then gingerly placed herself on the floor and then, THEN, she lied down and continued to cry.

Initially, I was unsure what I was watching transpire. Is she hurt? Why is she moving so slowly? Is she crying for real? I didn’t even say anything? Maybe we shouldn’t tell her no? why is she laying on the floor? OH! This is a temper tantrum.  I honestly felt like Young Justice Robin: this was a whelming tantrum.

All the Kid watches are Bubble Guppies, Elmo (and it’s a series of 3 specific Elmo videos), Super Why! and the hour-long cut of Baby Shark on YouTube. That’s it. Occasionally she listens to ‘Mo Bamba’ by Sheck Wes but even with the content of the song, Sheck isn’t having a temper tantrum.

We (and by we, I mean, The Husband, The Kid & I) don’t watch Caillou or Daniel Tiger (say what you want, that ‘grr’ is dangerous business. You can be mad all you like but don’t you dare grr at me). She goes to daycare, but I doubt that her daycare provider goes for the falling out on the floor shenanigans. (shout out to daycare providers who are advocates for their children and their families. I appreciate you.)

Last week we had three solid sleep days. She didn’t come in our room or the husband kept her out of our bed by sleeping on the couch. Also, she’s been sleeping through the night, her night wakes aren’t as terrible either. But when one thing settles, she introduces us to something new. I am not complaining about it because this is a battle; I didn’t realize I was ready for until shots were fired, and my resolve didn’t crumble.

Listen Up Tantrums, you have met your match.


What are ways you’ve handled toddler tantrum phase? What are ways non-parent family and friends can help during this (potentially) difficult time?


what’s the most epic tantrum you’ve ever witnessed? What are ways you’ve helped parent family and friends deal with tantrums? 


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