We Made It

We Made It.

We have officially crossed over into late January 2019. Welcome Y’all, ya made it.

Thanks to all the participants in the lettering challenge thus far, I’ve gotten some good submissions:

Kudos to those awesome ladies.

I’ve learned several things in this short time I’ve been leading this lettering challenge:

  • I newly appreciate content creators. This can be challenging work but as a creative, I’m learning so much new stuff I can use in other aspects of my life.
  • I’m doing something I never thought I would be able to do.

For those who needed a sign, this is it.

  • I enjoy writing, especially about my family. It’s strangely cathartic.
  • I never realize how encouraging I could be until I encouraged myself with this blog. (To my loved ones who listen to my rants and encourage me still, Y’all the real MVPs)
  • I am learning to be very resourceful and creative with things I have around the house so I can have inspiration for crafting projects later this year.
  • I appreciate every subscriber, like, share and comment. Thank you all from the bottom of my creative heart.
  • Creativity begets creativity. See the arrow below:

⇒ February is Black History Month which is an exciting time for me!

The creative juices really flow during that time. There are two things on the MighteMadeIt Horizon for BHM2019:

  • I will release ‘Legacy’: A black history month inspired worksheet collection.
    1. It will include lettering with ballpoint pens, small and large brush markers and the Crayola broad tips.
  • There will be a short lettering challenge next month, #LoveYoStrokes

March will also be a fun time, so I recommend Y’all go get yourselves some glue sticks right now!

Meantime in between time,

What are some projects you’d like to see my work on in 2019?



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