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Sometimes my brain makes and executes decisions before I’m even aware of what’s going on. This week in preparing for the #StrokeYoLetters prompts I was making so many mistakes. Dropping my camera, not recording, not taking pictures of the final project or just not doing it. In recording the challenges this week, it was busy with my husband or daughter needing my attention or just being pre-occupied with the requirements of being an adult.

I made the wonderful graphic listing all the prompts for this month’s lettering challenge in December. At one point, I could recite all 30 of the prompts in order, blindfolded and asleep. However, I KNEW with no doubt that yesterday’s prompt of ‘resolution’ was ‘relaxation’. I had used ‘Relax’ as a prompt already and something told me that that wasn’t entirely right but I went with it anyway because of the toddler-parent brain. After I recorded TWICE, edited the video, photographed and edited the picture, I trusted my intuition and looked at the #StrokeYoLetters prompt list.

Resolution (which I didn’t make, in case you were wondering) NOT relaxation.

Considering the amount of effort put into this beautiful error, it’s now officially on my YouTube channel. You don’t have to subscribe (YET) the video only works if you have the link. In keeping with the thematic elements of getting it wrong but striving still, you’re welcome to view the beautiful final erroneous project.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Still Keep Creating.

Still Keep getting it wrong.

Still Keep Going.



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