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I Be Strokin

The lettering challenge is underway. Today was day 3. I appreciate everyone who is sharing this journey with me.

Here’s a recap:

It gives me lots of feelings. All good ones in case you were wondering.

In my previous post, I lay out all the supplies I’ll be using during this challenge. The past 3 days I used the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pens & Office Depot Laser Pro Paper. Tomorrow I will switch it up.

Three days doesn’t seem like a lot of time but here are the things that I’ve learned:

  • January 1 arrived faster than I realized it would.
  • Editing minute long videos take an hour (so watch, like & share that S#!T)
    • Today’s video I could edit in less the time but that’s because I learned so much yesterday I could streamline the process and shave about 15 minutes.
  • Seeing other people’s work that’s inspired by me is so encouraging and I look forward to this crazy creating year with everyone.
  • I like including bloopers. It makes me laugh. Also, I hope it gives you all inspiration to “get it wrong” in the process and know that’s okay!
  • I wanted 5 bullet points. So be following this 5th Bullet point during this month. It will contain good goodness later on.

Keep creating. Keep getting it wrong. Keep going.



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