You are currently viewing Thanksgiving?


This past holiday was pleasant. I could nap before eating, chill with family, go Black Friday shopping, STILL be on time for The Kid’s appointment, begin binge watching Avatar: The Last Airbender AND..


get in some supreme napping.

But, as I return to the work week shuffle, The Kid’s sleep is now trash again. She stayed up last night until 4 am. She also baptized herself in baby oil. So that’s that. (Seriously, I’m looking for pointers on toddler sleep. This madness has got to stop!) However, this year has been rough for The Kid, so I find myself absolutely smitten by her mischievous smile when she waddles into her parent’s room in the wee hours of the night because she loves us and wants to share all her new skills, words, thoughts and abilities. 



(P.S. Click Here for the ‘Gratitude Changes Everything’ Printable because Thursday was a holiday.)

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