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War of Attrition

Me: “Hey Google, Define ‘war of attrition’.

Google Assistant: “a prolonged war or period of conflict during which each side seeks to gradually wear out the other by a series of small-scale actions.”

*thinks to self* so that’s what this is.

Last week, The Kid Upgraded to a toddler bed and ever since then. IT’S BEEN BEEF! The first two nights, she didn’t know she could get out the bed. That didn’t last long. She was sneaking out, playing in the closet, walking into my room, walking to the kitchen, riding her bike, walking in the living room and watching television next to my sleeping husband. Whenever mommy appeared, she knew she fluffed up and would turn around and walk back to her room.


She would happen to ‘forget’ how to get into her bed and insisted upon being picked up and put in bed so she could cry.

Mommy leveled up on her though, wassup lavender and melatonin, nice to meet you.

WINNING. (at least for the past two days)



P.S. Wallpapers coming ~Thursday 😀


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  1. Ryan

    Lmao! Don’t try to do her!!😂😂

    1. mightemadeit

      Am I though? She’s the one who is out here acting like she doesn’t need to sleep!

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